An inviting fragrance is the quintessential finishing touch to any home or space. The ZAGARA Home collection of scented candles, linen sprays, room sprays and reed diffusers are sure to arouse your senses. The combination of designer vessels and alluring aromas create statement pieces that not only draw your eye, but your nose as well.


ZAGARA is the perfect union of Mediterranean scents; The intermingling of crisp citrus, enhanced with jasmine and orange blossom. The elegance and simple luxury of this scent surrounds you in an atmosphere of pure, natural Italian aura exclusive to the signature blend of essential oils found in ZAGARA.


Fill your home with the fresh floral scent of Gelsomino, the Sicilian Jasmine that is known for its rich fragrance. Often found nestled amongst the façade of old homes, the Gelsomino’s elegant white petals, bright green leaves and of course the sensual scent it radiates make it an iconic fragrance of Sicily.


This scent features the aroma of the famous Fico D’India. Infused with notes of jasmine, amber, and musk. Capture the aroma of the Mediterranean landscape with Fico D’India, the spikey fruit that hangs like jewels on the cactus plant all along the Sicilian coastline.


Our Testa di Moro collection exudes love! The young lovers head symbolizes romanticism and a tale of powerful burning passion. The heads are diffuser vases that can also be used as art object or design accessories